Again, from David in his own words:

I have scored movies spanning a variety of genres in Los Angeles, New York, London and Paris - from romantic comedy to drama to action to horror films. Thanks to my comprehensive background in the record business, I am equally at home with orchestral writing as with contemporary scores. Good film music is often about going unnoticed and I understand when to be subtle and when to be bold. I am gifted with the ability to write a memorable tune, and have the experience and skill to make these themes work sensitively and supportively to picture for differing moods and at different paces.

When scoring my first movie I pioneered the blend of synthesiser and orchestra. This knowledge, now honed to a fine art, is unquestionably an asset in today's budget-conscious world. I am at home in a wide range of musical styles from traditional orchestral scores to rock to jazz to hiphop to classical.

I am a trained musician and arranger, and have worked with many top international recording artists, so can also provide songs to complement a movie. I have my own state-of-the-art digital studio with the latest technology, which, coupled with my TV movie writing experience in Hollywood to tight deadlines, allows me to work quickly and efficiently - coping with last minute edit changes is never a problem.