Will David listen to my mp3's?

David does not accept unsolicited mp3's as they take up a lot of email bandwidth. He will be happy to give advice, but please let him know something about yourself first by using the contact form here. You may then be asked to send samples of your work.

Are there any soundtrack albums of David's movie scores available?

The only albums currently available are listed in the discography section of this site together with their CD catalog numbers.

Following a substantial number of requests, David has tried to recover the original master recordings of the Operation Daybreak score. Unfortunately they are now of such poor quality as to render them unusable. The only way to make a credible soundtrack album would be to re-record everything, which unfortunately is not currently cost or time effective.

CD catalog numbers

The catalog numbers listed for all the albums in David's discography are the latest currently available including re-releases. These are regardless of territory. Any album may be available in your country on a different label. Your local Amazon site would be a good starting place for a search, or failing that allmusic.com lists nearly all of these albums together with a list of their catalog numbers; it is also a great site for further information about musicians, writers and also includes some reviews. Both allmovie.com and imdb.com provide similar databases for movies.