Andy Summers The Golden Wire
An atmospheric collection of compositions that would be the perfect backdrop for vistas of sunsets in exotic lands, Summers went a little more mainstream with this release than he had with Mysterious Barricades and his two projects with Robert Fripp. The textures here have more in common with his work as guitarist for the Police, though his playing is better highlighted in this solo context. Titles such as "The Island of Silk" and "Rain Forest in Manhattan" give a clue as to the almost dreamlike feel Summers is going for. He is largely successful, his uniquely fluid guitar tone combining with instruments such as wooden flute, percussion, oboe, and xianjiang tambourine, while "Piya Tose" features Indian vocalist Najma Akhtar. Itís an at once soothing and adventurous album and is highly recommended. Rob Caldwell, All Music Guide